This is us. We are not great (as our friends and family know) at keeping in regular touch and sending frequent photos. We hope to document big events and/or random good pics we though were worth sharing.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Passed the Road Test

Exciting! Only restrictions for the next year include 0% BAC and no driving between 2-5am. I think that's reasonable and doesn't throw a wrench in any of my plans to date.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

FASD Conference in NL

Presenting at the FACE Research Association Meeting 2013.
My last year has been consumed with doing research and planning two national conferences. The conference that was the biggest deal for me JUST finished. I am going to reclaim a life now.

On top of Signal Hill

Shaving years off

Random Ones

My friend Ada sewed a FOX on the back of a MEC hoody for Christmas last year. I took a pic of it & the earrings she gave me:)

Drinking water out of this water bottle is B's favourite part of playing soccer.

The College of the North Atlantic holds a snow sculpture contest/assignment every year. This is B, A & M in front of a snow dump truck.


Reading a bday card the day before school - her actual birthday.

She's got her own camera.

M got outfitted for volleyball, which she did at summer camp. She's waiting to hear about vball tryouts at school now.

A gave her a Harry Potter Cookbook. M wanted a cake like Harry's for her bday party with friends.

At M's bday party, we did crayon art. This is M's.

M's #2 pic.

A's volcanic crayon art.

Forgot to post earlier...each kid went somewhere this spring

M came with me to Edmonton to hang out with my friends.

Trying on hats at West Edmonton Mall.

Trying on clothes at a consignment shop. She didn't get this jacket.
A went to Montreal with Scott to see the Biodome, Insectarium and other science-y places.

A butterfly that had to eventually be shoo-ed off.

B came with me to Natuashish for a meeting - to see her family.

Wearing new gloves made by her grandmother.

Wall climbing at the school.

Playing with a puppy for 1/2 an hour before asking if it was real...!?

Trip back to Ontaro - to visit Morton's & Ninomiya's.

Dad making nigiri for lunch.

Bro Matt with his daughter, Elle.

Dad with Elle.

A with Elle.

M with Elle.

Family pic. We don't have many of these.

Me (oldest), Matt (youngest) with Elle, and Tim (middle).

B with Elle.

The Ninomiya crowd.

My niece - daughter to brother Matt & sister-in-law Katie. Beautiful.

Cousin #1 on the Morton side.

At Victoria Park - taken by Aidan.

With Morton cousin #2.

My (mel's) mom with her granddaughter, my niece.

A funny moment with brother Tim.

My favourite picture of the year.

Dressed up for a cousin's wedding.

The 4 of us PLUS my (mel's) dad and brother went scuba diving.

We weren't warned that we'd parade through town in our suits to get to our entry point.

My dad, pre-dive.

Me post-dive. We wore really thick (7mm) suits because the water was cold.