This is us. We are not great (as our friends and family know) at keeping in regular touch and sending frequent photos. We hope to document big events and/or random good pics we though were worth sharing.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

First Day of School 2011-2012

Excited to *finally* start kindergarten.

Outside the school doors on Day 1.

Walking to school on day 2.

Starting their way to school...

I asked them to stand holding their new lunch bags that I sewed just in time for school.

Bertha turned 6!

Bertha wanted to bowl for her birthday this year.

Bowling in style.
A violin card - very creative (Kerry!).

A few snaps from Japan this summer...

Aidan wanted this pose while holding 3 "fish" pencil cases from Grandma & Grampa.

Bertha's a star with chopsticks now.

Ninja attire in the ninja village.

Bertha practicing her ninja skills (blowing a pin at a target).


A cute frog on Maya's shoulder.

Aidan's favourite meal - zaru soba (with tempura sometimes).

We moved around THAT much that we traveled between cities with these suitcases in tow.

Lunch on the bullet train.

On the shinkan-sen.

Aidan buying train tickets with Grampa (in Tokyo).

One of several shrines that we visited.

A cool dessert on a hot day in Tokyo.

Hiroshima on Memorial Day.

Miyaji-shima: notice the non-symmetrical vertical posts (they are real tree trunks).

Up can only walk out that far when the tide is out.

You'll have to ask Scott and Bertha how cool they were trying to be.

I didn't buy it.