This is us. We are not great (as our friends and family know) at keeping in regular touch and sending frequent photos. We hope to document big events and/or random good pics we though were worth sharing.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A whole lot of bakin' going on....

Have you ever made hedgehog buns?

 Pretty fun and uncomplicated.
When they are baked, this is what they look like.
 This year, for a cookie exchange, I made a large number of chocolate truffle cookies. All were the same except for their toppings.

2011 Pageant

 Bertha was an angel, as usual.
 Maya was the head angel.
Aidan was excited to be a wiseman.

Christmas-y Pictures

 Maya's friend from school invited a few close friends for a fun photo shoot session - with a Christmas theme.
 I think Maya's holding a potato with tacks for eyes.
 Thank you Wanita (friend Mel knows through book club) for going out to take a few pics this year!!
Wanita brought props (namely hats and glasses).

Taken with Wanita's extension (like an extendible cane with your camera on the end)...for fun angles.

November 2011

 Aidan loves to build and watch a good fire.
Bertha got to bring home Corduroy (from school) for a night and write/draw about their activities.

Trip to Labrador

 I (Mel) had a last-minute trip to Labrador this fall. One day, I packed up the car with Tim Horton's donuts and their big rental coffee thermos and drove to Sheshatshiu (about 30 minute drive outside of Happy Valley-Goose Bay) for a day of meeting some very lovely people.

I took this with my phone. Not sure why I didn't smile....

Aidan's New Roommate

 So, Aidan's persistent window leak was successfully (and FINALLY) fixed. 
Since he was going back to having a room to himself (which one might celebrate), he was sad to be alone so, after a lot of thinking, we (meaning Mel & Scott) decided to tell Aidan he could have ONE low maintenance fish.
Meet "Sola Ringo Goldie" (a beta fish). "Sola" for the blue colour of the sky (in Japanese), picked by Aidan; "Ringo" for the beta fish named Ringo Star that suffered a tragic classroom death last year in Maya's class, picked by Maya; and "Goldie" was Bertha's suggestion for a name.

October pics being posted in December

 I seem to recall that someone gave the kids these glasses in their halloween treat bag.
 So, can you tell that is was a cold night? Bertha has 4 layers on, I think.
 Any guesses on what Maya is?
 Scott and Aidan worked on this costume (awkward for carrying a bag of treats for a long period of time).
 Bertha - a fairy princess (or something like that)
In our backyard.