This is us. We are not great (as our friends and family know) at keeping in regular touch and sending frequent photos. We hope to document big events and/or random good pics we though were worth sharing.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Pageant

Aidan & Bertha were angels and Maya was a shepherd.

Tasha's here for Christmas

Saturday, December 08, 2007

My new look.

I decided to chop 10 inches of my hair to send away to Wigs for Kids - children who are going through cancer treatment and lose their hair. There is no where local that will take my hair so I'm mailing it to St. Catherine's, Ontario tonight....

Wendo's Birthday

It was my friend Wendolyn's birthday and we both went to get our hair cut today...this is us afterwards.

The cuts.

It took a bunch of cuts...thinking this hair could make at least 2-3 wigs...

The BEFORE shot.

MMmmmm - yum.

Eating the fireplace.

Gingerbread Fireplace

Aidan's choice - but of course, it can't sit around long before the non-stop begging-to-eat-the-gingerbread-fireplace-asking starts.

bertha & aidan

Bertha and Aidan find each other funny lately...