This is us. We are not great (as our friends and family know) at keeping in regular touch and sending frequent photos. We hope to document big events and/or random good pics we though were worth sharing.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Bertha Spent a Week with Liz

While the rest of us were in Alberta and BC, Bertha was home with Liz...having a grand old time?!? Ask Liz - maybe not that grand.

Big Trip Out West

We all just got back from a trip out west (not western Newfoundland) - western Canada.


This is how Maya (and Aidan) looked the day we travelled back and the day after we were home. This teddy bear was the "travelling kindergarten teddy bear that supposedly attends every vacation that a kindergarten student has". We weren't expecting something so big. It was an extra carry-on on the planes...and Maya has to create a journal/scrapbook of this animal's adventures.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fish, Sea Animals and More

Maya in a fish tank?
The Aquarium in Stanley Park was the hi-light for the kids. We visited Stanley Park. Queen Elizabeth Park, Gastown, Granville Market, UBC campus, Stevestown/Steveston/Stevesville(?), Vince&Vern's gorgeous-with-rooftop-patio condo and all over 1.5 days. Not to mention we had a great supper at Hon's Chinese restaurant and then an Japanese all-you-can-eat restaurant with a large menu the second night.


We visited Scott's uncle Vince ("uncle binky") and Vern ("uncle vern") in Vancouver after the MCC retreat - and saw A LOT.

MCC Crowd

This is the group we spent 3-4 days with at our re-entry retreat....all people who worked with MCC and are now "entering" into a non-MCC life. You'll find Scott, Mel and Maya semi-close and then there's Aidan in the front.

Aunt Sandra

This is Aunt Sandra and Aidan at a Vietnamese restaurant. She brought goodies for the kids and Aidan is holding up his favourite (a cement truck).

Visited Tasha's Monitors

We stayed with Tasha and paid a visit to her work monitors.

We also visited the library, railway tracks, airport, sampled Tasha's good cooking, the frog kisser's den, a great gelato place and other places I'm forgetting....she drove past houses of people she knew....

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cupid Bertha

Liz (in-home support worker, for lack of a better term) took pleasure in experimenting with hairdo's with Bertha's shampoo-held hair. Frankly, we think Bertha quite enjoys it.

Laughing Bertha

Bertha's days with the NG tube are numbered. When she has a G-tube inserted into her stomach directly, we will likely be able to strip her face of all tubing so that you can see her whole face soon!