This is us. We are not great (as our friends and family know) at keeping in regular touch and sending frequent photos. We hope to document big events and/or random good pics we though were worth sharing.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bertha is getting stronger

Bertha is consistently sitting up now. She'll stand (knees locked) and will occasionally roll. So - this is progress.

Fishing Game

At Aidan's birthday party, Scott made a bunch of construction paper sea creatures - each with a question about Aidan on it - and the kids went fishing with homemade magnetic poles. They are fishing off the edge of a couch.

Aidan's 4th Birthday

Aidan just turned four - this is his race car track cake at his birthday party...blowing out the candles at the finish line.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Sledding in the Front Yard

Scott took all three to sled down a 3 metre hill in our front yard. We think they had fun. It was Bertha's first ride.
Our snow has just arrived this week again...

Not exactly crawling..

Bertha's not crawling but for us, it's a big deal that she can hold part of her weight on her arms. Our next step is to get her to move. This is as happy as she ever looks when we are trying new things.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bertha's hair is growing

We can almost to pig tails now.

Mel & Aidan

Eleanor & Blair

Our family spend half of Christmas eve day and all of Christmas day with Eleanor and Blair (aunt& uncle to Scott - also live in St. John's). Eleanor has Aidan over to her house two days a week throughout the year now that Maya is in school.

Maya's Tree House

For the third year in a row, Maya asked for an elephant from Santa. This year, she got a tree house that she has played with everyday since she got it. She might stop asking for elephants next year.

Aidan and a Christmas present

An airplane. This is what he wanted more than anything...and this plane exceeded his expectations.

Bertha's first real hair cut

With the exception of cutting off a long-haired patch shortly after we met her, she got her first haricut this first week in January of 2007 (by Liz). Many people have commented on her hair since...I guess haircuts do make a difference.

Stringing popcorn

...for the Christmas tree. We did with with our friends Linda and Megan (daughter). Not sure if we'll save these for next year.

This picture speaks for itself.

Gingerbread house

Maya and Aidan with their newly decorated gingerbread house of Christmas 2006.

Bertha & Liz at Christmas

Posing in front of the Christmas tree - Bertha's in her Christmas dress from Liz.

Christmas Angels

Maya and Aidan were both angels in the church Christmas pageant but Aidan didn't stand still long enough to get a good picture of him. Maya was the head angel this year.

Bertha asleep

This is how excited she gets about going outdoors in the cold.

Bertha in Leaf Pile

Bertha enjoying the newly-raked leaves in the front yard.