This is us. We are not great (as our friends and family know) at keeping in regular touch and sending frequent photos. We hope to document big events and/or random good pics we though were worth sharing.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Guess who loves to be photographed?

In our front yard....


My new helmet. Laugh all you want.

Took a course to get me familiar with the basics of riding. Wrote my test this week and now I have a permit. I can ride with an experienced motorcyclist following me...until I complete & pass my road test in 30+ days.  I need to find an affordable bike next.

At our friend's wedding (a former babysitter of ours) - Jackson got married two weekends ago. It was a great outdoor wedding between garden plots followed by a delicious vegan supper downtown.   

Signal Hill Walk

Maya in front of a mural.

Aidan feeding a painted seagull.

Graffiti-ed (spelling?) fort at the base of Signal Hill.

Eying blueberries - they're here already!?

Lots of these flowers growing in cracks.

Break - Aidan flew a kite while Maya read her book.

The wind was perfect for kite flying.

Across from Signal Hill - we watched the fog roll through.

Hanging out on the couch

Sunday, July 15, 2012

About food...

 Aidan's reading Michale Pollan's book on "Food Rules". We're hoping we'll be able to, collectively, make some improved food choices.  The kids get groceries with Scott weekly and last weekend, Aidan and Maya got excited about taking on more "adult roles" and decided they would do the grocery shopping (Scott paid) and the *ahem* ... those purchases were not ones that the author of this book would endorse, that's for sure.
 Scott took the kids to a U-pick strawberry field today.
Our assembly line. The strawberries were triaged. Some were destined for a bowl to eat in the next day or two, some for the freezer, the rest for jam.

Another Rug Hooking Project

 Mel, Maya and Joanne (friend) worked on a piece together this year. It's the one ABOVE our heads - looks like the picture below.
 The theme for this year was the cod moratorium in NL. This image represents three generations of a family. The grandfather (cod fisherman) looking out his window; his children flying out of province for work in Alberta (in the airplane); grandchild standing on the rocks looking out at the bay contemplating his/her future.
 Bertha, outside the gallery.
 I think Maya took this one.
Kids sitting on a wall. Aidan's tongue was out on every picture.

An evening at Middle Cover in late June

The caplin were going to roll in soon...

Scott's long time desire...

 Scott got to harvest his first chicken.  He's often contemplated the idea that someday, he would only eat meat that he harvested himself.  This roosters were well-cared for by Jen & Kerry (friends we stayed with). Kerry coached Scott through the whole process. Above, Scott is attempting to sedate the rooster before using the axe.
 This was the de-feathering process.
The featherless birds were then cut up into section for supper that night and the rest for the freezer.

In Labrador..

 We stayed with good friends - who have chickens (and chicks - of which Maya is holding one).
 We ate lunch at the Native Friendship Centre and we without writing utensils so the kids drew pictures of caribou with their forks on their paper placemats.
 At the beach...
 Aidan was going for a shock factor with a muddy face.  I wasn't shocked, personally (Mel).
 Aidan's request. In case you were wondering.
 A time-curious toad.
 Muskrat Falls. Deafening.
 Making tamales with Kerry (first time I made them). I brought home a recipe.
Beautiful, hey?

Father's Day

 Went out for supper...
 Maya's card.
 Aidan's card in full..."My Dad is EPIC."

 "He makes really good BBQed salmon."
 "He is good a diving for rings."
 "He is really smart."
Maya gave Scott a booklet full of coupons. Scott is speechless. "This coupon entitles you to 1 week of me organizing and putting away the laundry." 

Feel I need to include here that Bertha made Scott a card too but it was given to him at a different time, and without my camera around.

A few randoms pics

 Beautiful old trees outside Bertha's daycare.