This is us. We are not great (as our friends and family know) at keeping in regular touch and sending frequent photos. We hope to document big events and/or random good pics we though were worth sharing.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Baking Projects

 This year, I made some mattcha shortbreads (not very sweet) - only for people who like Japanese green tea...
Gingerbread house decorating. Aidan insisted we eat it - 2 and 3 weeks later.  We didn't make this house - bought it - but it was a project that involved a baked object.
 One day, we made free form bread - making it whatever shape - so long as the shapes were similar thicknesses.
 Aidan made a dragon among other things.

Ta da. A porcupine. A snowperson. A snail. A bird. And now, that I've taken so long to post these pics, I don't remember what else the other buns are supposed to be.  Aidan & Maya aren't around to ask right now.